1. Sky veins

  2. I love capturing love

  4. Midwest Winter

  5. Beautiful maternity photo shoot today with the glowing Taylor Bean

  6. My favorite hiding spot in the whole city. I could never get sick of this view.

  7. I was lucky enough to be asked to be the official photographer of Saint Louis University’s 3rd Annual Dance Marathon. Watching these beautiful children celebrate life and resiliency warms my heart more than anything in the world. 

    This event raised $126,895.03. Every single cent directly benefit sick children, and their families, of the Greater St. Louis Area.

  8. Simplicity | St. Louis Graffiti Wall

  9. I absolutely love exploring my city and finding new photography gems. The St. Louis Graffiti wall is a 1.5 mile long artistic dreamland. It gives artists the ability to freely and legally express their incredible talent.

  10. The Watchdog | St Louis, MO